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Twenty-Seven year old woman. Poetry lover. Yoga lover. Quote Searcher. In Love and Out of Love all at the same time. Profession in Law, but Dreaming of Writing a Novel. Border Collie named Charlie. Family equals Everything.


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  1. I just nominated you for a blog award!! 🙂


  2. roseytoes said:

    After reading a couple of your blog entries, I came to your ‘About’ to learn some basics about your life, so I can get perspective. I found your current philosophy on the ‘About’, but not any idea of your ‘real life’. You shouldn’t put specfic details down, but it would be nice to give context to your blog by noting what state you live in or at least whether you are on one coast or the other, something like that; what your college major is; your general living situation. And so on. I’m not sure men care about that sort of thing, but when two strangers who are women meet and hit it off, part of the bonding is to know a little something about each other’s life. That would be a nice addition to your interesting blog. People may gain that information if they read a lot of your entries, but maybe they want to know after only one or two. Anyway, you are doing a good job, hang in there and remember that you are amazing!


  3. Why just dream of writing fiction? Make it happen! You need write only a little bit each day to start, like a blog, to learn the discipline and work it, not into your schedule, but into your life. You don’t even need a full-fledged plot…just an idea, a theme, a genre. You will find that your characters take on a will of their own. Your “first” will change and rearrange and evolve many times. It’s a growing process, and you’ll look at life and people and scenes differently from hence forward. And do you know what happens after the first novel is written, rewritten, edited, proofread, and published in some form? You allow yourself a celebratory few moments and the process starts all over again with the same questions, changes in direction, and building…step-by-step, brick-by- brick, character by character. My 2 cents…from someone much older.

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    • I really appreciate the advice. I find myself writing many ideas down and I wrote a few paragraphs of the book I want to write and it’s a very emotional process for me. I find I need to be in the right mood to write what I need too. I think my life is so busy right now with things I don’t love to do but need to do and finding balance seems to be my struggle!

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      • Balance is always the problem with the creative arts. What we have to do to pay the bills and what we love to do are usually two very different things. Write when you can, and you will blossom!

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  4. I used to wait for the right mood to strike, like lightening, so I could write. Now, I that I have to turn it on at will, I use music and certain memories to get into the right mindset and get the creative juices flowing. One interesting thing I’ve noticed (now that I’ve written a lot) is that the most powerful memories for me are the ones that are from other books I’ve written – not real life. So my advice would be to write as much as you can when you can, because you will build your ability to create those emotions in yourself when you need to.

    Another thing I did was join four writer’s groups – I did it over two years – but now I have two club-type groups that meet once a month and two critique groups, one once a month and one three times a month. I find that every time I leave a critique group or writing club, I feel the urge to start writing again. I even record new ideas on my iPhone on the way home after meetings!

    You don’t have to have published works to be in writer’s groups, in fact, I would say that probably 30% of the people I meet there are working on their first novel. And co-mingling with other writers will give you a powerful support base, so when you do struggle, other people with similar experiences will help you understand how to overcome those setbacks.

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