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Out of body experience.

Sometimes I can’t seem to help it.

One minute I am here,

the next I am flying on autopilot.

Going through the motions,

sometimes I am just going through the motions.

The rollercoaster of my life.

Feeling my consciousness float in and out.

Grasping on to reality,

and slowly letting it go.

So easy to disconnect from the world,

scared of holding on,

scared of planting two feet on the ground.


or maybe I just enjoy being a tumbleweed..

floating wherever my emotions blow me.

At times, when I am crashing back to reality,

when the autopilot switch is flipped off,

and I am thrown into the center of this life,

I have these epiphanies…

and I wonder how a person like me ended up here..

stuck in the confines of these laws,

when I have always been one to push the boundaries,

paying attention to details that don’t matter,

living each day half way in a fantasy world..

Is this the right path?

or was I meant for something more?