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Often I feel as though I am not enough.

Am I enough to keep you still and calm your wandering eye?

Is our love comparable?

Will I ever be worthy of it?

At times I feel guilty.

You express so much love.

So much unconditional love.

At times it is a struggle for me,

a struggle to not be selfish,

a struggle to not give up.

I want to give you as much as you give me,

but how is that even possible.

Maybe that’s what happens when you find the person you are meant to be with.

You keep striving to be better.

You keep striving to be worthy.

You keep questioning.

I really hope that’s true.

I can’t really imagine a future without you in it,

summer day,

green grass,

blonde haired babies running around the garden.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to quiet my constant rambling mind.