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Seven devils dance around me

and I am just struggling to pull away.

As I fight tooth and nail to climb out of that fiery hell,

something always pulls me back in.

I start to miss the warmth,

and the devils down below…

they don’t look so bad close to the top. 

And it just keeps happening.


On and off this merry go round.

They leave me spinning,

spinning ever so slowly,

and it’s up and down

the days are up and down.

As I firmly plant one foot on the ground,

and then the other.

They start calling me back for more.

And I have tunnel vision,

thinking they are only calling to me,

but there are many of us,

mesmerized by the lights, the music, the thrill of the ride,

and we are all on your merry go round

going up and down….


Each one of these seven devils,

takes me by the hand,

and leads me back for more.

and I just need to fight my way out of this cloud of smoke.

So I can stop and take a deep breath of fresh air

and be just me



not wanting






wildly out of control.