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I caught a glimpse of you from across the room.

The way you moved.

Your dark hair falling in front of your ice blue eyes.

Looking directly at me,

piercing through my skin,

making my heart race.

That’s all it took.

The electricity was undeniable when we were around each other.

The way you looked at me,


Days turned into months,

not wanting to admit but wanting so badly the wrong things.

Till enough was enough.

We were finally alone,

pretending to be working.

Which I had to work twice as hard to do when you were around.

I move from the couch to the ground.

Maybe if I get farther away this won’t be as hard.

I look up at you and you are staring down,

watching me.

Enough is enough.

I get up,

I push your book to the floor and crawl on top of you,

feel your heartbeat starting to race,

your blue eyes gazing into mine,

and I kiss you.

I kiss you long,

and hard,

and I feel your breath start to pick up,

as you start to run your hands over my body,

The passion is like a fever taking over,

the temperature in the room starts to rise,

Months of built of aggression,

and one by one I start taking every article of clothing you have off,

you are kissing every inch of me,

and with an inhale

and an exhale

I pull you into me

and every push and pull

every gasp

every touch

doesn’t seem like it will ever be enough

until I fall down the rabbit hole.

and as we lay there


I still feel the electricity running through my body..

and then I snap out of it…

I am still sitting there on the ground.

Pretending to be consumed in my work..

I look up at you looking down at me..

and I look back down pretending not to notice..

Ohh if you knew my wicked ways.