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If I hear about one more engagement… I am going to lose it.
Aren’t our twenties for exploring life and finding ourselves and what we want in a counterpart?
Slowly but surely each and every one of my good friends is slipping a ring on their ring finger.
I have to stand in an ugly dress and pretend to understand how they found that one person they are going to forever have sex with.
I know I am sounding cynical.
But I don’t appreciate the sad looks when people hear I’m still single.
Or the overwhelming pressure to settle down.
I am twenty-six
And I still feel like I’m finding myself.
It doesn’t help that everyone I know thinks that now is the time to hear wedding bells and play house.
It’s making me feel like the clock is ticking louder and faster than ever.
A first date turns into me wondering if I could deal with their weird chewing habits the rest of my life.
This is the time when we are suppose to be having fun!