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Baby come back to me. 

If I could re-write every word, and take back every line, I would.

I have never been very good at this sort of thing.


That was never my strong suit. 

You came on so strong,

so fast,

and I liked that.

I liked that you were a little wild child,

a man after my own heart.

I just couldn’t figure out your true intentions,

and I kept second guessing.

and I still am guessing.

Except the only difference is you aren’t around to silence my questioning mind.

Part of me wishes I would have just let go….

You just spend so much time putting up all of these walls.

Brick and mortar 

after brick and mortar

and I have been building up these walls for so long, 

that I have forgotten what it looks like past them.

I forgot the beauty that sits just beyond the pine.

There were a lot of things,

that were questionable on your side.

but there were also a lot of things that were great.

I dont know what I thought.

That pushing you away wouldn’t make you really leave?

or maybe I just didn’t think it would hurt.

but now I can’t stop thinking about you.

and I know you aren’t thinking of me.

I honestly dont really blame you.

It’s just the last few days haven’t seemed as bright,

knowing you wont be checking in to see how they are going.

Oh well,

if it was meant to be it would have been.

I just keep reminding myself of that.

I just hope I can get past this hurdle,

and trust someone again.

I hope I stop making it so impossible for someone to get close to me.