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I want what you want.

Finally bending and breaking.

Even if your side is the wrong side, I am tired of being on separate sides.

“You want what I want?” 

All of the passion and none of the glory.

The connecting then un-connecting.

Healing old wounds and then ripping the scabs off.

I used to believe that there was something still there. Still deep down inside you.

The flashes of love and hope, that always fade. 

But I am just starting to realize that maybe it’s all gone. 

Maybe for you flesh on flesh with someone from your past is just easier.

Easier than letting someone else in. 

Your loyalty to me has nothing to do with feelings. and everything to do with not getting hurt again.

No one is doing this to me. I am doing this to myself. 

Setting my own soul on fire, one match at a time. 

I dont know how you could dislike me so much. 

I dont know what I did.

I dont know how you can pull away so easy.

You want me to read between the lines

but not every line

and not every time.

It leaves me spinning and wondering.

Which part of this is real

and which part of this is fake.

All of my body and none of my mind.

All of my body and none of my mind.