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You miss it.

That’s funny.

It’s funny to me that you didn’t feel the earthquake and splitting of the earth beneath your feet. 

You were thinking this would be like every other time before, 

or maybe you weren’t thinking at all.

You plus me will never equal us. 

Not between the sheets,

Not on hot summer nights,

Not when my inhibitions are low,

Not now

Not ever again.

You are a tornado and leave nothing but destruction every time you pass through this heart of mine. 

Every week that you were gone. It got better.

Things seemed better. The sun was brighter. My head was less cloudy.

Even more so now then ever before. 

I cut all my ties to you. I severed every last one.

but you just keep coming back. 

If you only knew the things I’ve done. And who I’ve done them with. 

We will never move past our past. Hell at the rate I am making mistakes lately. We wont ever be able to move past the present. 

So stop. 

Stop telling me what you miss.

Stop pretending like you didn’t pull the fucking rug out from under me. 

Stop with the mind games and the cheap tricks. 

I don’t want to see your number show up on my phone and rip right through my reality. 

I walked away.

and I have kept on walking. 

I didn’t stop this time and turn back.

I didn’t pine away like a little good girl. 

I was sprinting away from this toxic mess you’ve created.

I know that misery loves company

but you’ll just have to be a dear this time and enjoy your misery alone.