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I guess I never realized that you could love someone but still be with someone else.

Not true love. Not unbreakable love.
Sometimes there are seas and oceans of problems between you two.
Sometimes history builds a wall clear until the clouds.

And we all need to feel wanted. If only for a night.
And it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less.
It just means I’ve given up.

And it felt good. To be with him in ways that I had only been with you for so long.
And I can’t lie his hands all over me, desire suffocating him, I just let it all engulf me.

There was no pain. No anguish. No years of resentment. There was only passion.

And so what if that makes me a scarlet. Then a scarlet I am. I don’t regret being worshiped for the night. It lite a fire inside me.

My love. Had been holding me back for so long. Because I still had hope. Hope for better days..

Now I laid those dreams to rest. While I was entwined with him I was releasing my ties to you.

I don’t love you any less than I did yesterday but something has permanently changed inside me.

Our love will never be able to make it over that wall or across that ocean. So I burned the only bridge I had left to you, and set my soul free.

My conscience may weigh on me about the rights and wrongs of what happened between me and him.

But that’s to be expected when you renounce any faith. My faith was in you. And I put that to rest. Along with my morals for the night..

I let passion set fire and pave a new path for me