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Reading the book 20 something 20 everything and it has these exercises within the book to help with self exploration. I was going to do them privately in my journal but figured some of you may like to do them to.

1.) Who am I? (Describe yourself. Include the reasons that you are the person you say you are)

I am emotional and caring. I often over analyze things. I am gullible and want to believe the best is in everyone. I have a bad temper and often a bit bratty. I love quotes and there’s something about all literature that really has left a mark on me. I am motivated and lazy all at the same time. I am a woman but sometimes more dominant like a man. I am reckless and over indulgent. I am also careful. I am beautiful inside and out, even though lately it’s harder to see the beauty within. I am funny and I love to laugh. I am still trying to figure myself out. The reasons I am this way.. Goodness. A product of my environment maybe. Or maybe I was just born this way.

2.) What do I want? ( Take in to account all aspects of your life)

I want to graduate from law school and do something I love. I want to wake up happy everyday. I want a family and I want to meet someone I love deeply, that loves me back. I want to learn how to budget my money and I want to learn how to make myself happy and not rely on anyone else to achieve my happiness. I want to be healthy. I want to accept myself.

3.) How do I get what I want? (Include the ways in which you have already gotten or in the process of getting what you want)

I am currently in law school and trying to pursue a career. I am interning at a criminal law facility to see if that’s what I like. I have horrible luck with men and I really haven’t taken any affirmative steps to meet someone worth while. I workout when I can and I could use some work on keeping a schedule. I write to be happy.
I need to start taking yoga again. I need to start opening myself up to mature relationships. I need to work on myself first. I probably need to go and talk to someone for all of the anxiety I have. I will get there. It’s always darkest before the dawn.