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Today is just one of those days I feel like living in yesterday.

Windows down, music blasting
So unsure of how you felt about me..
Little tune comes on the radio
“Crazy girl don’t you know that I love you, I ain’t going no where”
This is my song to you
Feeling not quite sure if I should be offended or slip into the sublime of thinking you could possibly love me

Fading back into reality, driving alone with the top down.. Wishing I could get a little piece of that magic back

Knowing I can’t. Knowing we are toxic for each other. Ooo how today of all days I wish we weren’t.

You know I wonder where you are some days and I wonder who you’re with. Wonder if you’re happy…
If you still think about me to..
I can’t help but feel like this is probably just one sided
It’s been a little over a month now and I commend you for your strength
Your strength in letting go
Your strength in not giving in
Your strength in cutting that final thread that had us still woven together

Ahhh for now I will just enjoy living in your memories
And hoping for one split second what we had was real