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Firey, burning, longing is starting to slowly stir inside me.
You spend so much time in denial, that your feelings are on overload when you finally rest your head down on the pillow and take a moment to be honest with yourself.
There are a lot of things I want but none of them I need.
Somedays it’s just hard not to get swept away in the memories.
Just in awe that I could feel so much for someone else..
Wondering if ill ever get the opportunity again.
As you get older you realize how easy it was to be reckless with your heart
You had all the time in the world to put back the broken pieces, figure out how to do things right.
I still haven’t figured out how to do things right and
I still haven’t pulled back all of the pieces.
More often than not these days I feel as though I am doomed to walk the planet alone.
I might not find my better half or really any half at all…