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Now that it’s all out there in the open tell me how it feels…

I don’t know how you pretended for so long.

It’s funny to watch you squirm and stomp your feet,

But I am sorry my dear there is just no getting out of this one.

I commend you for your talent, at hiding your motives for two painstaking years.

Unfortunately, in this town nothing stays a secret for very long.

So the drinks and the dancing, and the way you kept her body close to yours. 

That was bound to come back to haunt you. 


Your excuses are exhausting. Your over the top reaction.

you just don’t have a face that sells those lies very well. 

It must be weird watching me leave, never knowing if i’ll return.

That never was my part you know. I always played the victim.

I always watched you get your way and come and go whenever you pleased.

It’s weird having that control come back. There aren’t many lines you haven’t crossed, but I’ve warned you of this one. You knew deep down you knew, that it would be the step we never came back from. 

Part of me in fairytale land wants to believe that it was nothing. but even that part of me cant shake the gut wrenching feeling. 

someone else’s head rested where mine used to rest

your lips feverishly chasing after theirs

There’s no turning back now.