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Welcome back to the circus.

I’ve got you bending over backwards and jumping threw hoops.

I’ve got you putting on a show in a dimly lit room. “

It’s crazy that I still walk this tight rope for you.

It’s crazy that I keep getting drawn back to this center stage.

Aren’t you sick of seeing the same old show?

Aren’t you tired of the same old tricks?

Makeup and a fancy new costume can’t cover these scars,

a fake smile plastered across my face.

How can you be so easily fooled?

How can I be so easily fooled?

This schedule we are on, you think would have changed in two years.

Three weeks on three weeks off. 

This is bad business for everyone.

I thought you would have found a new main attraction by now.

“It’s not you that holds me back, it’s I haven’t found anyone good enough.”

Glad you want to keep coming to the same old show to pass the time.

Really it’s quite an honor

O you can sense the sarcasm in my voice?

I am just as trapped as you are. I am just as exhausted with this circus as you.

Every time I get a one way ticket away from this story

I slowly get sucked back in.

I was reborn when I entered this show

and no amount of running is ever going to tame the restlessness in my blood.

So I am back here walking this tight rope for you, just waiting on my next fall.