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Trying to forget is a funny little thing. The more I try to forget the more I remember. Remember things that cut like razor blades and make my eyes squint with pain. That song on the radio reminds me of how we first met. I was so naive and didn’t realize that the day we met would be the end of freedom. The end of who I was. The beginning of who I never wanted to be. We were like magnets and we have been ever since. We want to break away so badly but are forever stuck to one another. No matter how hard we fight it I end up right back to where we were. I doubt you ever recall that night or how I had to much to drink. I almost didn’t give you my phone number before I walked out of that bar.. remember that? you begged for it, pleaded… I should have turned and ran but I didn’t. O how I wish I would have. I keep reliving that night we met over and over. I haven’t thought about it in so long and I don’t know why it’s eating me alive. What I wouldn’t give for you to live one day in my shoes..