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I haven’t been able to write lately because I have been so busy. I miss it terribly. New town and new people it is amazing how refreshing it has been for my life. I had to get out of where I came from. I had to get away from all the past memories and complacency. Unfortunately, I have slipped up. About once a month. I miss him. We see each other. It never means anything. I always hope it’s going to mean something. It has gotten a lot easier. I am not angry or mad anymore. I am not overly sad. There is just a dull ache in my heart where I miss him. It is manageable but sometimes in those fleeting moments I convince myself that he somehow misses me like I miss him and that we can turn this all around.

I know deep down things are never going to change. I have come a long way from what I was. I still have a long way to go. I need to start being active about finding someone knew. I need to start writing more to save my sanity.

I honestly hope that one day I can write on here that I finally moved on and found someone wonderful. Or just moved on and don’t think about him every morning or every evening before I go to bed.