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Coco J. Ginger Says

we’ve had our share of fun together (yawn), but I’ve just purchased a little black dress, bright red lipstick, some shamefully elevated risqué high heels, and painted my nails a color Essie calls ‘escapades’. I’m in a white wrangler speeding down the highway to a place where dreams come true, memories of past love DIES HARD. Rumor has it, I will experience ALL this heart CRAVES— and gypsy killers with their special gypsy killing knifes aren’t even allowed in such a non-reality-based place. HA… How spectacular.

I don’t know that I’ll want to see you IF I return, I’ve outgrown your ordinarily dull and miserable presence. I plan to lose my mind and heart.I return ONLY when I have forgotten every ill memory that has disenchanted me for the past month ish.

C’est la vie baby~ good riddance.

Sincerely, Still-a-Dreamer

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