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What if you knew you only had four months left to live? That everyone on the entire planet only had four months to live. Then the world would end and life as we know it would no longer exist. Morbid, I know. This end of the world Mayan prophecy got me thinking tonight.
“gosh I really hope the world doesn’t end, I haven’t really lived yet.”

And then it got me thinking as to why? Why haven’t I lived? Why do I need a doomsday to put things in perspective? Just my style always to late.

So I challenge you what if?

What would you do? Honestly. What would you do differently? Take that trip you’ve always dreamed of? See the world. Experience new foods, different cultures, the heat of the sun in the dead of summer in Italia.

History literally all around you as you explore the country side.

Maybe it isn’t as grandiose. Maybe you love someone and they have no idea? Maybe everyday you’ve said tomorrow is the day I will tell them. Why?

Maybe it isn’t love. Maybe it’s moving on. A job you’ve been stagnant in. A relationship you haven’t wanted to face. Haven’t wanted to move on.

You know what our problem is. We are so good at putting off what we really want. We have developed the fine art of excuses and bogged down by these strings that we think are attached to every part of our body.

I’m to busy today. Tomorrow is better.

To busy doing what? Is it what you love? Are you doing the thing that you think about right before you go to sleep… As your mind is wading in an out of consciousness.. You know what i am talking about..that one brief picture of happiness that flashes in an out.

Is that what your doing?

I’m not going to be standing around on the last day of my life, wishing I could have said things I never did. Wishing I could have been the kind of person I always hoped I’d be. Not anymore.