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I feel you beating on the outside of my heart with a hammer,

Desperately trying to break any pieces that you can.

Mostly people use it to break into my heart,

you simply use all your strength to turn it into ruins.

Words are funny little things…

They float out of your mouth with razor-sharp edges.

Each word so tactfully said,

with a whisper you tell them which area to attack.

It’s the same every time…

My heart.

In the beginning I dance around them with grace and poise,

they barely touch my armor.

I have been practicing you know,

a life time of perfecting the art of dancing around your hurtful symphony of words.

I have gotten much better,

the months you leave are filled with brick and mortar.

Building up the walls and pricking myself to see if I still bleed.

Each time I last much longer than our first dance,

I was so naive then, I didn’t know that sticks and stones weren’t the only thing that could hurt you,

and giving your heart away was seen as weakness in your eyes.

I entered the battle, not knowing I would be fighting one.

My battle scars are uncountable and my heart has seen better days.

Each time you think that you have won,

you’ve crossed all lines that should never be crossed,

you’ve expertly used everything against me.

You never seem to realize..that every time we dance.. every time we battle…

I capture a piece of myself back.

The pieces of my heart I gave to you so long ago..

Held up in your ivory tower of pain,

They float back to me one by one.

You’re to busy with your new torture methods to recognize.

So you see silly….

I might come out bruised and broken..

but I pick myself up every time, and I come back stronger, more graceful and impenetrable as ever.

One day there will be nothing left for you to hold over my head,

I will be whole again,

and we will be going into battle, not for you to stop me from getting my heart back…

but you’ll be coming for yours.