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When I was in my teenage years I used to write a lot of poetry. It was my release from outside stressors and seemed to be my only coping mechanism. I had a rocky relationship with my parents and was the typical teenage rebel. I am an emotional person by nature and when I was younger those emotions were susceptible to every fine detail.

I actually threw out two 200 page notebooks I had filled with poetry, drawings, and writing. During some of those years I explored the deepest, darkest, crevices of my soul and I really didn’t want to ever re-read some of those poems. I dont want to remember how much pain I was in.

I recently took a creative writing class because I enjoy fiction. I hope one day I will have written my own story. The first few weeks we worked solely on poetry. The teacher wanted us to get our creative juices flowing. It was quite the experience. I forgot how much I liked poetry.

I am going to start trying to write more.. so I am opening up a poetry category on my page. I am going to post some of the poems I wrote in the class. Please if anyone knows any good poets, comment and let me know. It is absolutely the best finding a poet you can relate to.