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Ahhh Monday. How I haven’t missed you at all. It has been quite the whirlwind these past two weeks. Trying to adjust to vacation time then back to work time has not been fun. The goal of the month for myself is to not chase anyone and stop going in circles. Well what a big flop that was this weekend, I had a few drinks and fired one out to my first love. In all fairness my best friend had run into him a few hours prior and he was asking about me. She shouldn’t have planted that seed because it blossomed into a nice drunken text telling him to come downtown.

I found out earlier that morning that the guy I was seriously dating a little over two years ago got engaged to the girl he was messing around with while we were talking. It was weird I felt like people would tell me “Hey did you hear he is engaged?” and wait for some shocking response or mental breakdown from me. In all reality when I found out I didn’t really care. Which was weird after how serious I thought we were. I guess there isn’t one bone in my body that wishes I was still with him. It was a good feeling to know that whatever he broke had been mended completely. It get’s better…

So the night time rolls around and I run into my last boyfriends, trashy ex-girlfriend. She was with all of his best friends but he was no where to be found. It was awkward to say the least. I felt like someone took a book off my shelf, labeled all of ashley’s past fears and blew through the pages on Saturday. Seeing that girl and having her giggle and hanging with people I know he see’s on a regular basis, just bothered the crap out of me. I just know he see’s her. So all of those thoughts started running through my mind and I thought I was free of that. Turns out I still do care but I don’t miss the pain that went along with talking to him I really don’t. So I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever he is doing, whoever he is doing, doesn’t affect me at all.

Now if that entire Saturday wasn’t motivation to move on from the past I don’t know what is. So I am back on the band wagon, I told you it would take a few fall off’s to fully commit. I have been doing great for the past two days, which isn’t hard. It’s usually when the booze enters your veins that the itch to start contacting someone appears.

In other news I have decided I am taking a Sunday yoga class. So every Sunday for as long as I can commit you will find me at 11 a.m. stretching and getting centered with myself. I also will be flying back to Florida memorial day weekend, hopefully I will be seeing a certain sexy someone to help fill my mind with steamy beach memories.