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The Mega Millions Jackpot of 500 million dollars has friends, colleagues, and family members of mine chattering. With it being the largest Jackpot in the History of the Mega Millions its hard not to speculate as to what you would do with all of that money.

I was laying in bed this morning just pondering the possibilities of what I would do if I won all of that money? I would quit my job (typical answer), apply at one of the best creative writing programs in the country, start trying to write a novel, travel the world with friends, the possibilities are really endless.

Then I started to think more narrowly, well how much money would I give to my friends and family? I don’t want to be to greedy but I want to make sure my own future is secure. Would I want people to know that I won the Mega Millions? No, I decided. I wouldn’t want to be treated any differently than I am now. I also wouldn’t want 300 million people calling me for money.

What about the lottery curse? Is it real? Do I believe in curses? Ha-Ha I finally stopped and laughed to myself at how worried I started getting about the possibility of winning the lottery. It did get me interested in what other people would do if they won the Mega Millions.

I started asking some family and friends. Which they illicated some pretty interesting responses. Some people could do what they wanted to do without winning the Mega Millions, and most would need the money to follow their dreams. Some ideas I hadn’t thought of myself.  Here are some of the responses below:

“I would help out our family members and make sure that everyone was financially OK. I would set certain goals for some of our family members (they have checkered pasts) to make sure they stay clean, or don’t blow all the money in one day. I also would donate money to your grade school so that they could upgrade a lot of the programs and buildings.” My mom

“I would quit my job, dump my boyfriend, and fly to bora bora.” Best Friend Number 1

“I would buy a house in Florida, Utah, California, NYC, and of course invest so I never have to work again.” Best Friend Number 2

“I would immediately call my accountant and my attorney, then give one million dollars to every member in our family, buy a private jet, and go wherever the hell we wan’t. O and your life would be ruined (as he points to my 18 year old brother) You haven’t experienced life yet to have that kind of money.” My Dad

“I would do everything in life exactly the same. Except I would be rich!” My little brother

“I would answer the phone at work and tell them to handle their own problems.” Colleague

Whoever wins the Mega Millions definitely has some important decisions to make……..