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I tend to be the kind of person who re-plays past events over and over again. I analyze every word, detail, inflection of the voice, and I think it prevents me from moving on quicker than I should. After running into my ex-flame this weekend it literally ate me alive for three days straight. Finally while laying in bed last night I just let it go. Which I am not really 100% sure how that worked because I hold on to everything.

I told myself he left, and there’s nothing more I could have done to try to communicate how much I like him. Our relationship was horrible, to say the least. No matter what I feel I need to realize that I want better for myself than the pain and suffering that went along with being together.

I don’t know if anyone is going through the same situation but if your like me you search for that great advice, that epiphany, words have a way of coming to life in front of you and some of the greatest quotes of all time have really stuck with me.

So I am telling you this.. Every time you go to think about him or her, tell yourself to stop. Even if your mind keeps racing and you have to tell yourself to stop 1 million times. Then repeat to yourself: I am done, I want better, I deserve better, most importantly this is your choice to and you are moving on! At least it has been helping me for the last 24 hours.