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Naturally I have been giving a lot of thought to my future. When I went to college I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to be. I think it is hard at the age of eighteen to decide what your degree should be in. I was just starting to grow up, How could I know what avenue was going to be the best for me. Which profession was going to make me the happiest. I started out in business and switched to psychology because I loved the classes. Unfortunately, what your advisers don’t tell you is how difficult it is to get a job when you only have your bachleor’s degree in Psychology.

I consider myself a motivated individual (when I truly wan’t something) and ended up getting a job in sales when I graduated. Sales…Psychology.. you might be wondering how they are related. I mean realistically having a better understanding of people in general helps you to succeed. So I think some aspects of learning about our behavior and the inner workings of our mind play out to my advantage, and the rest doesn’t apply.

Now that I have been in the work force for almost three years, I am starting to realize that this might not be the right arena for me. I often ask myself “If you could be anything in the world and succeed at it, what would you be?” If I didn’t have expectations of me, didn’t need to support myself, could run off and follow my dreams, I would be a writer.

I have always been a writer. I have always had a journal. I carry a notebook around in my purse. There is something exciting about having a crisp, fresh, blank page and being able to write whatever you want. I have recently been writing down book ideas and I decided to take a creative writing class. The problem is I haven’t found that great idea yet, and not great in the sense where this is going to be a “best-seller” but great in that I am completely in love with it.

What if that great idea never comes? I very well can’t continue in this monotonous job I am in. I have an over active imagination, and I need to work somewhere a little more exciting then here. So this line of thinking has lead me on to..”well maybe I should go to school”… further my degree.

After much brainstorming, I decided what could I realistically do besides being a novelist. I want to run my own business, I want to work with people, I want to help people, and I want to make money. Can you guess what I decided to pursue? You probably won’t.

Law School. Yes, probably the most boring black and white schooling I could have done. I studied in 2 months for the LSAT, which usually people take 6 months. I scored average and submitted my grades to 11 schools. If I got accepted then I would go in the fall. and guess what I got accepted. Ironically, no one including myself thought I had a chance.

I am a little terrified to be honest with you but I know that I will utilize my degree to help others. I also will hopefully continue pursuing my passion of writing a novel.

I think if your ever going to be truly happy, you have to challenge yourself to be what you want to be. Most of my romantic relationships were the foundation of my existence. If they were going bad, I was having a bad day. If they were going good I was on top of the world. I was putting “all of my eggs in one basket” and when they crashed and burned it was hard to recover.

I definitely think that figuring out this aspect of my life is going to fill one of the missing puzzle pieces in my heart and in my mind. I need to have purpose in the workplace and purpose that I believe in.