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First post to the shiny, brand new, blog. It makes you kind of nervous because your putting your first foot forward. Laying out what your blog is going to say for eon’s to come. I guess now is a better time than ever to start a blog. I am going through a mid-mid-life crisis or as my therapist says simply searching for my identity.  Why two mid’s? Because I am only 25 years old.

I suppose it’s not a bad thing to question what you like, who you are, what religion you believe in, what makes you happy, what you want to ultimately accomplish in the business world. I want to do what makes me happy. Simple answer but not really. I need to find out what makes me happy first.

I started questioning everything after my fifth failed romantic relationship. How was I supposed to make someone else happy… If I didn’t even know how to make myself happy. I was clinging to these relationships like they were life or death and they were very horrible relationships. Think about someone who wants to rip away at every part of your being, those were the kind of people I dated. Well let me rephrase that, it was the last kind of person I dated, they all got progressively worse. Someone who will say anything just to see you squirm, laugh while you were crying, and destroy any worth you thought you had.

Enough with the bad now on to the good. I am here now and I dont think most people really know what makes them happy. I think they are told what makes them happy. Maybe they cling to things that used to make them happy but really dont anymore. My goal is to start opening myself up to new possibilities, try new things, explore myself, explore what makes other people happy, and find out exactly who I am. Sounds a little bizarre, I know who I am, but not the me who is 100% happy.